Probiotics and prebiotics. Show the world the best version of yourself

When we hear the word “bacteria”, a negative connotation may come to mind for many of us. But, as you may know, bacteria aren’t as bad as they seem. 100 billion bacteria live in our bodies, and almost all of them are good. Tiny microorganisms that help you feel good and show the world the best version of yourself.


Probiotics and prebiotics, the key to reinforcing your healthy lifestyle


Probiotics and prebiotics are substances that are highly beneficial to our health, improving our gut flora and strengthening our immune system to allow us to feel good, both inside and out. Although they’re sometimes confused, they aren’t the same.


Probiotics contain living microorganisms that help maintain or improve the body’s normal microbiota. These living microorganisms arrive at the intestine alive and, together with the bacteria we all already have, improve our health and strengthen our immune system. They’re substances that stimulate the growth of good bacteria to maintain equilibrium in our intestinal health.


By contrast, prebiotics are substances that act directly as nutrients for human microbiota. They tend to be rich in fibre and work with probiotics to replenish gut flora.


The use of both in combination is a great way to protect the functioning of our intestines, strengthen our immune system and improve our health.


The intestine is at the centre of our health. Take care of it


The relationship between the food we eat and the type of gut microbiota we have is reciprocal. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a healthy level of good bacteria in our bodies.

In our day-to-day lives, we’re used to consuming different types of probiotics. Foods such as yoghurt or kephir, fermented vegetables and certain types of cheeses are rich in them


For example, some types of yoghurt are rich in lactobacillus probiotics. In addition, kephir, a milky, fermented drink made from cow or goat milk, has these bacteria, derived directly from lactic acid.


Other fermented foods such as certain vegetables, sauerkraut and some types of fermented cheeses (such as cheddar, Gouda, ricotta and mozzarella) are rich in probiotics.


newyou. , show the world the best version of yourself


The lifestyle we lead, stress, inadequate nutritional habits, sedentary routines… Our microbiota are faced with countless challenges on a daily basis, and we know you work hard to keep them at bay. But a little extra help can’t hurt.


Products like newyou., full of flavour and healthy, are the perfect complement to your healthy lifestyle and will help you establish new rituals that make you feel good and maintain the proper internal equilibrium.


Developed by a multidisciplinary team of nutritionists, biologists and scientists, newyou. is a chocolate that spoils your palate with delicious tastes, at the same time as it takes care of your gut flora with probiotics, prebiotics and functional ingredients specially chosen for the particular needs of each body.


Zen. Digest. Power. Slim. Antiox. Immune. There are six different types, each with a unique flavour and unique benefits so that you can enjoy them every day. Each chocolate bar has just the right dose of probiotics to allow you to begin to see results in only two weeks.


Each type of newyou. chocolate contains the probiotic strain Bifidubacterium animalis lactis BPL1, recognised for its use in helping with weight loss and its benefits for immune health and improvements in mood.


Staying healthy is a question of attitude and a task that we work at every day. It’s the result of opting for new habits that make our lives simpler and sticking with them. No one said it would be easy but, with chocolate, the challenge tastes sweeter.