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What should you expect from newyou.?

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You’ve already taken the first step: newyou. as part of your ritual.


With each chocolate bar, you’ll ensure that you’re getting the daily recommended amount of our probiotic.

When you start taking newyou., you’re introducing good bacteria (probiotics) that will begin to multiply in your digestive tract.


The diversity and quantity of bacteria in your intestine will increase, and your microbiota will start to balance out. Soon, you’ll see the benefits of this equilibrium.

In taking newyou. each day, these microorganisms will grow and multiply. They’ll significantly benefit your immunological health, digestion and cellular regeneration, along with your mood and energy levels. Each type of chocolate offers an additional benefit, thanks to the super-foods it contains: ashwagandha, reishi, maca, moringa, lucuma or cinnamon. 



1. Controls microbial populations.

DE111 supports the growth of good bacteria in the gut, helping to crowd out undesirable bacteria and promote proper digestion.

2. Supports immunity.

The gut is responsible for 50% of the human body’s immune response. And DE111 helps keep gut microbiota in balance so it can respond effectively.

3. Optimizes nutrient absorption.

For the athlete seeking to optimize performance or the individual interested in rebalancing their microbiome, DE111 helps the body absorb key nutrients and may improve glucose tolerance.

4. Promotes regularity.

Diarrhea, irregular or hard stool, gas, bloating, and other intestinal disturbances can put a cramp in anyone’s day. DE111 has proven to help people stay regular.

5. Supports athletic performance.

Optimizing nutrient absorption and digestive comfort, DE111 contributes benefits that support athletic performance.

6. Promotes recovery.

Recovery is a key aspect of athletic performance and self-care. DE111 supports recuperation so athletes are ready to train, compete, and perform.

7.Improves body composition.

In conjunction with adequate post-workout nutrition, DE111 has been shown to improve body composition and indices of athletic performance.

8.Supports cardiovascular health.

In addition to helping maintain healthy cholesterol levels, DE111 supplementation helps support blood flow and heart health.

9.Supports immune and gut health in children.

Daycare can be a place for fun and learning. It can also be a place of sharing bacteria—including less desirable kinds that can lead to tummy aches, diarrhea, and days at home. DE111 helps support gut and immune health.

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