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What should you expect from newyou.?

Results, week after week

You’ve already taken the first step: newyou. as part of your ritual.


With each chocolate bar, you’ll ensure that you’re getting the daily recommended amount of our probiotic.

When you start taking newyou., you’re introducing good bacteria (probiotics) that will begin to multiply in your digestive tract.


The diversity and quantity of bacteria in your intestine will increase, and your microbiota will start to balance out. Soon, you’ll see the benefits of this equilibrium.

In taking newyou. each day, these microorganisms will grow and multiply. They’ll significantly benefit your immunological health, digestion and cellular regeneration, along with your mood and energy levels. Each type of chocolate offers an additional benefit, thanks to the super-foods it contains: ashwagandha, reishi, maca, moringa, lucuma or cinnamon. 


1.Treatment and/or prevention of excessive weight, obesity and associated illnesses through overall improvement in the composition of gut microbiota, thanks to an increase in bifidobacteria.


Balances body composition: adjusts body composition towards a lower percentage of body fat and reduces the amount of fat cells by 12%.

Also balances lipid metabolism: inhibits the accumulation of energy in the form of fat, improving the rate of lipid oxidation and reducing lipid levels in the bloodstream.

Has an antioxidant cellular action and anti-inflammatory effects..

Has satiating effects.


2. Stimulates the production of serotonin, hormone produced in the intestine that regulates mood and is responsible for happiness.

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