Microbiota. Take care of your inner universe

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With the type of lifestyle we lead – stress, long workdays, pollution… sometimes it’s hard to maintain healthy habits, but new newyou. chocolate bars are specially designed to help you in this endeavour.

Discover how! Take care of your inner universe and show the world the best version of yourself.


What are microbiota?


Approximately 100 billion microorganisms live in the human body, and we have a symbiotic relationship: they benefit from us, and we benefit from them.

Microbiota are all these microorganisms that are found naturally in different parts of our body such as our skin, digestive and vaginal tracts, and oral and nasal cavities.


What do microbiota do?


Intestinal microbiota contribute to our good health. They help us stay healthy and obtain all the nutrients our bodies need from our food. They also assist in the production of serotonin, helping improve our mood, and strengthen our immune system.


How are they formed?


Our microbiota are like a fingerprint, unique to us and non-transferable, although they change during the course of our lives. They are determined in large part at birth. A mother’s nutrition and disposition during pregnancy, the birth itself and the period of time during which the baby is nursed with breast milk dictate the composition of our microbiota in large part as we grow. But there are also foods that help us take care of them.


How can we take care of them?


Probiotics are an increasingly common alternative used to regulate and restore microbiota. They contain living microorganisms that, on arriving in the intestine, complement the activity of the bacteria we all already possess, improving our health and strengthening our immune system.


Their use, combined with the use of prebiotics, fibre-rich substances that act directly as nutrients for human microbiota, is a great solution to protect the functioning of our intestines, strengthen our immune system and improve our health.


Health and flavour in a single bite


In recent years, products enriched with probiotics and prebiotics have become more common in our diets and in supermarket aisles, but we know it’s not always easy to figure out which ingredients your body needs and maintain a proper diet.


That’s why newyou. is your strongest ally in this endeavour. A functional chocolate that not only helps you take care of yourself but also lets you enjoy a daily reward, guilt-free.

Made with the strain Bifidubacterium animalis lactis BPL1, known to aid in weight loss and to have benefits for immune health and overall mood, it contains no added sugars; instead, it’s sweetened with agave, which helps you avoid sugar highs and feel healthier all day long.


newyou. is the healthiest chocolate on the market because, on top of the benefits of probiotics, it’s enriched with functional ingredients and adaptogens to give your body what it needs at all times. Moringa, maca, reishi… adapt your newyou. moment to what it needs.


All in one.


Indulge yourself and savour the routines that make you feel good.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”50px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]